Respect for the land gives rise to our prestigious wines

the land of wine

The Vineyards of Roncade Castle

One hundred and ten hectares of vineyards, with a terroir characterised by a microclimate with low rainfall and a layer of "caranto" a few centimetres deep, allow us to produce quality wines: fragrant white wines and full-bodied red wines that have distinguished themselves by winning important awards in wine guides and competitions.


Recognised worldwide for our quality

The quality of Castello di Roncade's wines is also evident in the number of prizes and awards won at major events and competitions throughout Europe and the world. Here is a taste of the latest awards...

the cellar

More space for quality

In recent years, our ever-growing production has been transferred to a more modern winery in Mogliano Veneto, not far from our vineyards. This has enabled us to respond promptly to the demand for our wines, which are known and appreciated in many parts of the world.
The new cellar was, in fact, equipped with the most modern technologies with which to follow all the winemaking processes.