A unique villa that has stood the test of time. Welcome to Roncade Castle

the venetian villas

Roncade Castle, a unique Veneto villa

The Veneto conceals some truly unique gems such as Roncade Castle, which is one of the most spectacular examples of Venetian rural culture. In fact, this structure is a marvellous Renaissance complex and the only pre-Palladian walled villa in Veneto.


Renaissance architecture

Roncade Castle is one of the most interesting examples of Renaissance architecture in northern Italy. It is the only pre-Palladian villa surrounded by medieval walls topped by majestic battlements. It stands in the centre of the town of Roncade, in the Veneto countryside between Treviso and Venice.
The manor was donated in 900 by Otto II to the Counts of Collalto. It was later destroyed by Cangrande della Scala. It was Girolamo Giustinian, a Venetian aristocrat, who rebuilt it in the 16th century, following the path of the previous building. The castle we can still admire today.

the walls

Mauro Coducci and the Venetian Doges

The castle walls, towers and moat were built a few years before the completion of the main villa in 1508. The project was designed by the famous architect Mauro Coducci - among his works, also the bell tower of St. Mark's Square in Venice.

The busts of Girolamo Giustinian and his wife Agnesina Badoer are kept in the Castle's private chapel. In the history of the Serenissima Republic of Venice the Giustinian family has left a clear mark.They include the Doges Stefano and Marco Antonio, Blessed Nicolò Monaco and Blessed Eufemia, as well as San Lorenzo, the first patriarch of Venice.

the family

Baroni Ciani Bassetti

Our family, of Trentino origins and ancient agricultural traditions, took over the Castle property at the beginning of the 20th century with architectural renovations and the replanting of the vineyards.

In 1930, Baron Tito Ciani Bassetti chose the Castello di Roncade as the place that would host our family and his dream: a winemaking business in an ancient land with a vocation for viticulture since the Roman and Serenissima eras. The winery, led by Vincenzo Ciani Bassetti, now surrounds the Castle, which we have continued to enhance over the years with our commitment to the vineyard and the cellar.