In keeping with the heritage of the Venetian nobles dating back to 1508, still today we continue crafting premium quality wines.


The Castello stands right in the heart of Roncade, a picturesque small town in the Venetian inland. With its pre-Palladian villa surrounded by medieval walls, it is a one-of-a-kind majestic Renaissance complex, where the long-standing agricultural tradition of Veneto is still kept in high esteem, in particular for the production of excellent wines.

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We have the good fortune of living in a desired winegrowing area, renowned since the Roman age and the Serenissima Republic, and home to some of the most interesting crus in the area around Treviso. This land has fuelled our ambition to exceed the quality thresholds of our red, white and sparkling wines. Quality that can be discovered tasting our wines during a guided tour of the Castello. Castello di Roncade is one of the most prominent examples of rural heritage of the Venetian region, and stands proudly on the labels of our wines, starting from our Bordeaux-inspired flagship wine: Villa Giustinian. 
We produce some 350,000 bottles of wine a year, from more than 110 hectares of vineyards.

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Our family, whose roots are in the agricultural nobility of the Trento region, purchased the Castello and the surrounding lands at the beginning of the twentieth century and undertook an extensive renovation of the property, and vineyard replanting.

In 1930 Baron Tito Ciani Bassetti chose Castello di Roncade as the new residence for his family and the place where he could follow one of his dreams: to make wine in an area that had been part of the Serenissima, and since the Roman age most suitable for winegrowing. Castello di Roncade winery and estate, steered by Vincenzo Ciani Bassetti, today includes the land surrounding the great villa. A mission to preserve and enhance the property has always gone hand in hand with our commitment to managing the vineyards and winemaking.

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Wine-lovers and all those interested in experiencing the rural atmosphere of the region can spend the night in one of our finely appointed apartments, and wake up to the stunning views of the vineyards surrounding the Castello. We provide a homely and relaxed atmosphere, and our professional staff makes sure that the wishes of even the most demanding guests are fulfilled, so much so that accommodation at Castello di Roncade is not merely staying at a “Bed & Breakfast”.

The apartments located in the towers have been flawlessly and individually appointed to the likes of Baroness Ilaria Ciani Bassetti, wife of Vincenzo and mother of Claudio. Each guest accommodation is well-fitted with all amenities including heating and air conditioning, though the indoor temperature is naturally pleasant thanks to the thick walls.

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Every year Castello di Roncade welcomes many visitors and guests who wish to explore the enchanting residence and learn about its century-old history. The guided tour of the villa, which lasts around an hour, is gracefully led by a member of the Ciani Bassetti family or one of their most esteemed staff members. The visit includes a pleasant walk through the vineyards, the winery and cellars to learn the secrets of our quality wines.

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